Lugshar - Synestezja

Band: Lugshar (MySpace)
Album: Synestezja
Year: 2010
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released
Genre(s): Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Country: Poland
Quality: MP3 @ 320kbps
Size: 77.1 MB
1. Synestezja I - 09:18
2. Na skraju życia - 05:15
3. Pusta cisza gorzkich dźwięków - 03:48
4. Chłodny oddech cichej śmierci - 06:02
5. Synestezja II - 13:02

Total playing time - 37:26
Megaupload - Download


Göbbels said...

Hey thanks for showing me your work is very good. a great project that you have in your hands. first of all good luck with this release. You really have my support, you made this band really is a true work of art. As for the styles are fascinating I acknowledge and accept this demo part of my collection. Thanks, and I hope people accept this contribution and acknowledge the value of effort.

Greetings publish your release on my blog giving the direct download access to your blog

EuropaLyset said...

Thanks Lugshar for this release, I accept your masterpiece art too, Your work is really good. also I've known this release for a friend, and is most words to explain or say here. The sound a dark atmospheres pitch does chaotic amogst human and reflexive monumets of sounds.

EuropaLyset said...

Also you have my support mate.

Anonymous said...

thanks, nice blog
interesting music

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