FVCHS - My Dream

Band: FVCHS (Blogspot.com)
Album: My Dream
Year: 2010
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released
Genre(s): Ambient, Indsutrial, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Country: Germany
Quality: MP3
Size: 26.8 MB
1. Ungewissheit - 07:38
2. Melancholia - 03:15
3. Ruhelos - 06:13
4. Die Trommeln im Nebel - 04:18
5. Kitsunes Dream - 04:12
6. Wahnsinn - 03:39
7. Leere - 02:10
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Göbbels said...

greetings foremost thanks for this album had not heard, very minimalistic. very unique in style atmosphere within these genres, because sometimes certain times and bands can be an experiment. But this comes to be between minimalist and cross-sectional according to the synthesis of styles. Strongly recommended
thanks greetings from austria

Lugshar said...

Yes, I really like it too.

S5333 said...
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S5333 said...


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