Arha - Frozen Woods of Farmington

Arha (from New Hampshire, USA) — formerly known as Coreopsis — is a one-person music project which encompasses many styles: zeuhl, black metal, doom, neofolk, psych-prog, psychedelic rock, folk-rock, blues, and post-rock. All material is placed at Coreopsis Music Blog for free download. In 2008 due to names duplication Coreopsis was renamed to the current version, Arha.

The new, "proper" album from Arha. Frozen Woods of Farmington is 11 tracks of mostly orthodox black metal, with one Esoteric-influenced ambient drone doom track "Glass Skeletal Fingers Against Lugh", played on slide guitar. The vocals are more adequately mixed this time out, and the overall atmosphere is one of solitary walks in the cemetery and woods by the river in mid-winter in the Northeast, very evocative of both time and place.
Band: Arha
Album: Frozen Woods of Farmington
Year: 2010
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released
Genre(s): Drone Doom, Noise Black Metal
Country: United States
Quality: MP3 @ CBR 128kbps
Size: 68.1 MB
1. Footsteps Into the Woods
2. Trillium
3. Evening Walk in the Frozen Woods
4. Ithaqua, the Wind-Walker
5. Glass Skeletal Fingers Against Lugh
6. Evening Fog into Twilight
7. Filthy Moss Covered Wings of Night
8. On Broken Scaly Wings
9. The River is Frozen Solid
10. Tendrils Reach for the Sun Through Cracked Frozen Mud
11. Nightfall...Thin Ice Cracks...Nor'Easter

Total playing time - 01:16:40
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