Xirez - Dextromethorphan; In the depths of despair

Band: Xirez (MySpace)
Album: Dextromethorphan; In the depths of despair
Year: 2009
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released
Genre(s): Ambient Black Metal/Noise
Country: United States
Quality: MP3 @ CBR 320kbps
Size: 142.5 MB
1. Intro - Creations In Blank Fields
2. The Death Of Existiance
3. Light in Dark Contrast (feat. Funeriis)
4. Psychedelic Death
5. The Serpent King Arises
6. Permafrost
7. Desolence and demons (Version 1)
8. Desolence and demons (Version 2)
9. The Threads of being
11. Blood runs black
12. To the dark place

Total playing time - 01:18:45
Megaupload - Download

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Silence By Dawn Productions said...

UPDATE!!! 8/21/11
This is Sindroth of Xirez.

Xirez is now officially known as "Desolate Demise".
this decision came to be as i figured xirez has alot of past baggage. its time to start fresh, as for the upcomming xirez album "tombs of december", it is not yet finished, so when i finish the album it will be re-packaged under the Desolate Demise name with new artwork and a new name. this album will be titled "the bitter tombs of december".
as far as a release date... iam going to new lengths to make this my best work yet. nothing like dextromethorphan or crimson winter of apocalypse. iam ashamed to have ever released such a pile of shit as those 2 albums.
Expect the bitter tombs late 2011 or early 2012, the first release will be a hand numbered cd limited to 100 copies.

-- Sindroth

ALSO HERE IS MY NEW WEBSITE WHERE YOU CHECK OUT MY PROGRESS. http://silencebydawnrecords.blogspot.com/p/xirez.html

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