Ambient-Black - Compilation III

Band: Various artist
Album: Compilation III - Space, Drone
Year: 2010
Type: Compilation
Label: Self-released
Genre(s): Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise
Quality: MP3 @ 160kbps
Size: 130.3 MB
1. Ultimo canto cíclico do sol II - 13:39 (by Abismo)
2. Aurasied - 19:58 (by J'ma)
3. Muerte - 06:44 (by Marc Broude)
4. Khel-Brentverg - 40:00 (by Khel)
5. Melancholia - 03:16 (by FVCHS)
6. Vespertine II - Vanished - 14:22 (by Sequences)
7. Mineral Water - 04:12 (by Marc Broude)
8. Fire On The Water - 05:56 (by Marc Broude)

Total playing time - 01:48:06
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Göbbels said...

Above of all thanks mate for this compillation. The sounds is exelent. amogst experiences, is known as sounds minimalistic playing in slow to ambient styles and genres. FVCHS is a good example about this sounds mixed with atmospheric experimental Dark Ambient does a simple genre to rich in ambient sounds. pr Khel is slow but most slow ambient. or J'ma two styles only keep inside a rich mix in experimental sounds...

Recommended this compillation.

mynameis iwonttellyou said...

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