Band: Xirez (MySpace)
Year of formed: 2006
Label: None
Genre(s): Ambient Black Metal
Country: United States
Xirez was formed in winter of 2006, after death of previous Sindroth's project "Chasms of Minotaur". Sindroth don't use many vocals in Xirez. His music is Ambient and Ambient Black Metal. He released two albums: first in 2009 and second in 2010. First album was called "Dextromethorphan: In the depths of despair" (Here is cover). We can find 14 tracks on it. Second album was called "Crimson Winter Of Apocalypse" (Here is cover). It's 9 track of atmosphere.

Sindroth is the only member of the band. He is playing every instruments and recording all vocals.
2009 - Dextromethorphan: In The Depths of Despair (Cover)
2010 - Crimson Winter Of Apocalypse (Cover)

Band members
Sindroth - All Instruments and Recording.


Mick said...

No download for this one? Sounds pretty awesome on the myspace!

Singular said...

Sindroth said, he will make files with Xirez music.

I'm still waiting for it.

Mick said...

Okay..I'll look forward to hear it then.

Great blog you have here..I Like it!

Singular said...


Lugshar said...

Xirez album's now are avaible for free download!

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