Band: Ekho (MySpace, Encyclopaedia Metallum)
Year of formed: 2008
Label: None
Genre(s): Melodic Death (early)/Melodic Folk/Black Metal (now)
Country: Israel
Ekho is an Israeli Folk Metal band with Classical, Extreme Power Metal and Black Metal influences. The band’s musical genre is a bit "difficult" to categorize.

The band was formed in July 2008 by Bar Sanitovsky (Guitar and vocals) and Yarden Mor-Avi (Guitar).
After many member changes in the drum and bass sections due to technical and dedication problems, finally the band’s first demo, a 4 track live recorded demo, “Nymph”, was recorded and released with a serious drummer (Erez Nadler) and bass player (Ilai Duani).

After the first demo, that was Melodic Death Metal aimed, the band evolved into its new concept and musical direction which was mentioned above.
An epic merge of elements creating something atmospheric, yet powerful.

Some time after the release of "Nymph", a keyboard player was added to the band in order to meet the band’s needs (Tomer Shein) and Ekho released their second demo in their new "state of mind", by the name of "Among The Shadows of Erebus".

Ekho’s lyrical themes mainly surround epic tales from the Greek mythology, nature, atmosphere…
The name "Ekho" originates from a character in the Greek mythology, a nymph named Echo (Greek: Ἠχώ, Latin Greek: Ekho) who was robbed of her ability to speak and could only repeat other beings’ sayings.

These days, Ekho are writing new material for our first full-length album That will probably come out next year.
2009 - Among the Shadows of Erebus (Cover)

Band members
Bar Sanitovsky - Guitar, Vocals
Yarden Mor-Avi - Guitar
Boris Skolyar - Bass
Erez Nadler - Drums
Tomshi - Keyboards

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